The Holo Fan LED Hologram Projector creates an attention grabbing visual effect of a 3D hologram floating in mid air at a fraction of the cost of our regular hologram projectors. Just mount it on a wall , use the wireless remote to power it on and an animated hologram up to 16 inches in diameter appears.

$500.00 plus shipping.

Holo Fan LED Hologram Projector
Turn on/off, adjust brightness... via included wifi remote control.
Operates on 12 volts with included transformer.
Ships from the USA ( no customs or brokerage fees from overseas shipping )
Use your own 3D content or purchase customized content from us pre-installed. ( plug and play, no software to install )
LED life span rated at 100,000 hrs.
Custom Content creation service:
Tell us what custom message or 3D animation you would like featured and our animation team will create the content for you and load the content into the Holo Fan Projector before shipping.
$150.00 per 10 second loop. Loop can play over and over for as long as you would like or you can add additional content loops in any order you prefer.
Holographic images can range in size from 12 inches to life size 6 ft tall.
Detroit Tigers Bauer Skates Boeing
Holo Kiosk can be any color and include graphics to match your booth. Lockheed Martin China Unicom Flexco
3D Holo Presentation is fully animated and includes optional sound effects. Motor City Casino US Air Force GE
Holographic projections are in full color. Northrop Grumman Pioneer Seeds MERCK
Custom Displays also available. Texma Petrolium Hewlett Packard US Army