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We recognize that every client is unique and we are often challenged to created customized unique hologram projectors to meet a clients needs. We pride ourselves in meeting those needs in both hologram display rentals and sales. In addition to customized exterior graphics and branding we offer a wide variety of design and building options to offer clients the customized look to meet their requirements.

Holographic images can range in size from 12 inches to life size 6 ft tall.
Detroit Tigers Bauer Skates Boeing
Holo Kiosk can be any color and include graphics to match your booth. Lockheed Martin China Unicom Flexco
3D Holo Presentation is fully animated and includes optional sound effects. Motor City Casino US Air Force GE
Holographic projections are in full color. Northrop Grumman Pioneer Seeds IBA Group
Custom Displays also available. Texma Petrolium Hewlett Packard US Army