The standard sized hologram kiosk is specially designed to make the most of the limited floor space in a trade show booth. This hologram exhibit is our most popular renter and seller and offers all the visual and audio excitment offered in the larger displays while only taking up 5ft X 5ft of floor space.

The Hologram Kiosk displays an optical illusion fooling the eye into seeing a 3D image/video floating in mid air. The exhibits exterior color and graphics can be altered to match the look of any booth. Our two most popular models are available for purchase or rental but our designers are up to a challange should you be looking for something a bit different in size or shape. Click here to learn more about custom designed displays.

We will create a custom holographic presentation based on a storyboard or script tthat you provide. Let us present your product message in a fun and exciting way sure to draw attention to your trade show booth.

These displays are perfect for trade show booths, museums or as a corporate lobby display.


Holographic images can range in size from 12 inches to life size 6 ft tall.
Detroit Tigers Bauer Skates Boeing
Holo Kiosk can be any color and include graphics to match your booth. Lockheed Martin China Unicom Flexco
3D Holo Presentation is fully animated and includes optional sound effects. Motor City Casino US Air Force GE
Holographic projections are in full color. Northrop Grumman Pioneer Seeds IBA Group
Custom Displays also available. Texma Petrolium Hewlett Packard US Army