Holographic Projection Exhibits

Hologram Projectors attract attention! It's as simple as that. This unique 3D floating presentation will draw visitors to your booth to have a closer look. Present your sales message or product in an entertaining and memorable way. The hologram exhibit creates the 3D effect without the need for any special glasses.

Tell us about your product or message and we will created a fully animated holographic video presentation to play in the Hologram projector. All rentals and sales include custom graphics and decals to match the design and layout of your trade show booth.

The standard Holographic Projector requires a floor space of only 5 ft X 5 ft. It projects an image up to 16 inches high and 27 inches wide. ( depending on model chosen)

Various models are avaible to deal with various lighting environments found at trade shows to insure a bright image. Ask us about which is best for your booth.

Large Scale Hologram Projectors are also available for those who have available floor space.

Contact us for Hologram Display pricing and options.